Hindu right-wing party criticises Nepal govt for economic failures, spread of Christianity

Shirish B Pradhan

Kathmandu, Jan 31 (PTI) Nepal's Hindu right-wing and royalist political outfit Rastriya Prajatantra Party has criticised the government for failing to adopt sound economic policies and expressed concern over the spread of Christianity in the country.

Presenting a performance report at the party's central body meeting on Thursday, party chief Kamal Thapa said, 'The government has become a total failure.' Thapa said the government has failed to adopt sound economic policies and create an enabling environment for bringing foreign investment.

Thapa also said, 'The rapid growth of Christianity is a serious threat to the country.' 'The government's attempt to censor social media and mass media shows that it wants to impose totalitarianism in the country,' the report states.

Thapa, in his report, also pointed out that corruption is thriving due to strong nexus between politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen and groups with vested interest.

'The government has failed to promote investment, create employment opportunities, control corruption, minimise trade deficit and develop educational and health sectors,' he said in the document.

Nepal was declared a secular state in 2008 after the success of the people's movement of 2006 that saw the abolition of monarchy. Gyanendra Shah was Nepal's last king, ruling from 2001 to 2008. He is often called the world's last Hindu king. PTI SBP IND