Hindu saint hangs himself after rape allegation

A Hindu seer in Rajasthan has allegedly committed suicide after rape allegations were levelled against him. Before hanging himself, Sant Premdas of Guniya Mahadev Temple recorded a five-minute video proclaiming his innocence.

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A few days ago, a case was registered against him in Rajsamand district after a woman accused him of rape. The woman claimed that she and her husband had visited the ashram to get a cure for a stomach ailment. Subsequently, the seer allegedly gave her something to drink that made her unconscious, following which she was raped.

The seer rubbished the allegations in the video and said that he was being framed by the woman and her husband.

He also accused them of trying to blackmail him and demanding Rs 15 lakh to stay quiet. The seer also stated that he was committing suicide to salvage his self respect and prove his innocence.