Hindu-Muslim come together to celebrate Ganga Mela in Kanpur

Religious festivals are a great way to celebrate a tradition or ritual and tie citizens in a common knot of love, peace and brotherhood. One among them is Ganga Mela, an annual cultural festival celebrated exclusively in the city of Kanpur. Recently, as it observed its 80th edition, people of different communities took to the streets to immerse in the festivities of 'Ganga Mela'. Citizens smeared in colours walked through the streets to mark the occasion. While some showered flowers and celebrated Holi, others exchanged sweets. It's been said that in the year 1942; the then British officer banned the use of colours during Holi to which a group of youngsters belonging to Kanpur's Hatia locality revolted under the leadership of Babu Gulab Chandra Seth and were jailed for the same. The action led to fury and the entire city as a mark of protest decided to play Holi until the arrested youngsters were set free. The British government ultimately bowed to their demand and released the youngsters. After their release, Holi was played again which then became a tradition.