'Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai': Chennai Lawyer Schools Pro-CAA Workers Who Came to Her Home


A woman from Chennai has been going viral on Twitter for her vehement rejection of pro-CAA propaganda when a number of alleged Bharatiya Janata Party workers reached her home on Sunday morning and tried to convince her to support the recently passed Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019.

Elizabeth Seshadri, a reputed lawyer and columnist took to Twitter to share a video of the incident on Sunday. In the video, pro-CAA workers can be seen trying to hand Seshadri a pamphlet, seemingly containing pro-CAA material. However, the lawyer can be seen vehemently rejecting the offer and stating she is "anti-CAA".

When the workers insist, the Sehadri started to loudly proclaim "Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai , Hum sab hai bhai-bhai" (Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian, we are all brothers). In response, the pro-CAA workers started to give "Bharat Mata ki Jai" (long live Mother India) slogans in which the lawyer also joined in.

After a few seconds of sloganeering from both sides, the pro-CAA workers left the house. Seshadri can be seen bidding the men and women a polite goodbye and wishingt hem to have a great weekend ahead.

Taking to Twitter, Seshadri, works at the Chennai based legal firm Iyer & Thomas, said, "Be warned - BJP gangs are on the prowl. I got a home visit this morning. They wanted to 'explain the CAA'. Unfortunately they took me by surprise, so my farewell was polite by my nature 😂. Next time I promise to be a gangster. #NoCAANoNRC".

Whether the workers were official members of the BJP, which implemented the CAA in December last year amid protests that have since intensified, could not be verified.

Nevertheless, the viral video has evoked a myriad of opposing reactions on Twitter with some praising Seshadri's act as brave and secular, others found it rude. Nevertheless, the woman's efforts were widely lauded on social media.

Since the passing of the Act, a number of protests have been taking place across the country including in Chennai against the implementation of the contentious Act which several critics have called 'unconstitutional' and likely to harm the citizenship status of minorities within India if implemented along with the National Register of Citizenship.