Hindu man in Lucknow donates money for Ayodhya mosque

Displaying mutual tolerance and having regards for each other's beliefs, this is what forms the foundation of Indian culture. Even today, several examples can be found across the nook and corner of the country who are keeping this culture intact. The latest one to join this list is Rohit Shrivastava from Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh, who has set a milestone of Hindu - Muslim camaraderie by becoming the first one to donate money for the building of Ayodhya Mosque. No matter how many religions we practise in India, but in essence they all are one. Every religion teaches us to respect the other and be kind and generous to everyone in the universe. Depicting the same principles, a Hindu man in Lucknow city donated an amount of Rs 21,000 for the construction of the Mosque complex in Ayodhya, also becoming the first one to make the contribution. A law faculty employee of Lucknow University, Rohit Shrivastava handed over the amount to Indo Islamic Cultural Foundation, a trust constituted by the Sunni Waqf Board to oversee the construction of the Mosque complex.