Hindi Diwas 2020: PM Narendra Modi, Other Officials Share Wishes on the Special Day

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Most people in India understand and speak in Hindi. Though it is not the national language, it holds the place of one of the official languages in India. It is also the mother tongue of most of the people. To celebrate the importance of Hindi, a language that resonates with most of the North India, Hindi Diwas is celebrated on September 14 each year.

The day is marked on this day as it was on September 14, 1949 when the makers of Indian Constitution decided to designate Hindi as the official language of India. The day marks the importance of this decision and aims to propagate the use of Hindi language in day-to-day life.

September 14 also marks the birthday of Beohar Rajendra Sinha, who is also regarded as the main person behind making Hindi the official language of India. To celebrate the day today, leaders and other people shared wishes on social media.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to share the wish.

Home Minister Amit Shah shared a series of tweets on the occasion of Hindi Diwas 2020.

Meghalaya’s Chief Minister Conrad Sangma wrote, “On the occasion of #HindiDiwas2020, let's celebrate our National language as an integral part of our culture. Happy Hindi Diwas to all countrymen!”

Indian Embassy In Instanbul shared “a soulful rendition of the beautiful song by a Turkish friend, Ms. Tugce.”

Indian embassies in Congo and Australia also contributed to the celebration of this day.

India in Bhutan shared another song, writing, “And here is a lively Hindi song presented by Jharna Gurung & Yanika Gurung, music students of EOI Cultural Centre from Bhutan in the run-up to #HindiDiwas.”

Other Indian embassies around the world also shared their wishes on the day, giving importance to the use of the language.