Himalayas Visible From Different States of North India As Air Pollution Dips! From Mt Everest to Gangotri Glacier, Lockdown Puts India’s Mighty Mountain Ranges on Stunning Display (View Pics and Videos)

Nithya Nair
·4-min read

As coronavirus lockdown confined people to their homes, nature got its time to heal. With reduced human activity, the Earth got a break from the daily drill and is now reclaiming its space. In countries across the world, wild animals and birds were seen roaming freely on empty roads. With people being inside homes, human activity dropped thus reducing pollution levels. And the decrease in air pollution has given people more splendid views to enjoy. The Great Himalayas are currently visible from various northern states in India. Twitterati across the country have been sharing pictures of the mountain range which is now visible from their rooftops. Air Quality in India Improves, Cities Record Low Levels of Pollution As Cars Stay off Roads, Industries Remain Shut Amid Lockdown.

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People couldn't believe that snow-capped mountains would be so clearly visible from their homes. Seeing the magnificent mountains, the elderly said that this sight was common 30 years ago, but due to increasing air pollution, the view was blocked. Now, once against the Himalayas have returned to their backyards! Earth Day 2020: From Decrease in Pollution to Birds & Animals Frequenting Cities, 4 Instances That Prove the Planet is Healing During Coronavirus Lockdown.

Mount Everest in the Himalaya Visible From Bihar:

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The Mount Everest in the Himalayas was visible from Sitamarhi district in Bihar on Monday. Ritu Jaiswal, the Mukhiya of Gram Panchayat Raj Singhwahini in Sitamarhi city of Bihar tweeted pictures of Mount Everest which was visible from her village.

Pir Panjal Range in Inner Himalayas Visible From Srinagar:

While Srinagar is known for being surrounded by snow-capped mountains, due to the reduced air pollution, the Pir Panjal range, which is a part of the inner Himalayan region became clearly visible last month. Journalist Waseem Andrabi had shared pictures of the mountain ranges which was visible from Srinagar on April 23, 2020.

Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges of Himachal Pradesh Visible From Punjab:

Dhauladhar mountain range of Himachal Pradesh was clearly visible from Jalandhar in Punjab earlier last month. Locals were delighted to see the beautiful sight which had returned after 30 years as the pollution levels dropped during the lockdown.

Gangotri Glacier in Himalayas Visible From Uttar Pradesh:

The snow-capped peaks of Gangotri glacier were visible from Saharanpur town in Uttar Pradesh last month. It became visible after the Air Quality Index (AQI) in the town of Uttar Pradesh dipped below 50.

The reduced human activity has helped nature stretches its arms. Following coronavirus lockdown, various countries observed a lot less ambient seismic noise which is generally caused by vibrations of cars, trains, buses and other activities. The European Space Agency (ESA) said it had observed a considerable decline in emissions of nitrogen dioxide emitted by power plants, cars and factories, over the Po Valley region in northern Italy.