Himachal Pradesh minister’s wife loses handbag containing Rs 2.50 lakh, other valuables in Chandigarh

Rajni Thakur

The wife of Himachal Pradesh Forest Minister Govind Singh Thakur lost her handbag after her driver was tricked at the parking lot near Headmasters Salon in Sector 8 here on Monday. The purse contained around Rs 2.50 lakh, jewellery items, one metal necklace, ATM cards, PAN card and other valuables.

The incident happened when Rajni Thakur, a resident of Manali, had gone inside the Headmasters and her government driver Harwinder Pal Singh was sitting inside her car.

Rajni had come to Chandigarh and been staying at the Himachal Bhawan in Sector 28. Sources said Harwinder was sitting inside the car when a middle-aged man appeared near him and told him that some currency notes had fallen from his pocket. Sources said Harwinder came out and found some currency notes of Rs 10 lying near his car. He collected all the notes and told the middle-aged man that the notes did not belong to him. The total currency notes were worth Rs 160. Harwinder donated the money to a beggar who was sitting near his car.

Later, when Rajni came out from the salon, the two went to Elante Mall, phase 1, Industrial Area.

When contacted, Rajni said, “I came to Chandigarh for my skin treatment. I went to the Headmasters Salon, Sector 8, yesterday. I noticed my bag was missing in the night. My driver told me that he was busy on his phone when someone knocked at the driver’s door and told him about the currency notes of Rs 10 lying outside. I believe when my driver was picking up the notes, the man stole the bag, which was in the rear seat. I am still at Himachal Bhawan. Police told me that a technical expert will examine the CCTV footage on Wednesday.”

A senior police officer said, “The theft of bag containing money, jewellery and other valuables came to the notice of Rajni Thakur when she reached Himachal Bhawan, Sector 28, around 8.30 pm. As she tried to collect her belongings, she found her bag was missing. She raised the alarm. She informed senior police officers through her contacts. A call was made to the Sector 3 SHO, Inspector Jaspal Singh. A police party recorded the statement of Rajni Thakur at Himachal Bhawan-28. The police team also inspected the spot along with driver Harwinder Pal Singh. Footage of CCTV cameras installed outside a private bank in Sector 8 is being scrutinized.” A case was registered at the Sector 3 police station.