Himachal Pradesh election results LIVE: BJP wins in Anni, Shimla, leading in 41 seats

Himachal Pradesh's one-month-long wait will finally come to an end today as the counting of votes is slotted for this morning. Himachal Pradesh voted to elect its legislative assembly on November 9.

The exit polls released recently said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi Party president Amit Shah, is expected to sweep the state with around 47-55 seats.

The India Today-Axis-My-India exit poll claimed that BJP will secure around 50 per cent vote share in Himachal Pradesh followed by Congress which is expected to secure a vote share of 41 per cent. The rest 9 per cent will be divided among small groups or independent candidates.

Himachal Pradesh has a tradition of unseating the party in power every five years, thus making the results even more important.

Read below for the live updates of Himachal Pradesh election results 2017 LIVE:

12:15 PM - BJP workers celebrate in Mumbai as trends point towards BJP's win in Himachal and Gujarat.

12:11 PM - BJP's Suresh Bhardwaj wins in Shimla.

12:10 PM - BJP's Kishori Lal wins in Anni, Himachal Pradesh.

12:00 PM - Here's an infographic showing the seat share in Himachal Pradesh till 12 noon.


11:43 AM - BJP leading in 42 seats, Congress in 21, Independent candidate in 2and CPM in 1, according to official data by Election Commission.

11:33 AM - BJP workers celebrate in Shimla as trends indicate BJP's victory in Himachal assembly elections.

11:26 AM - Congress' Anirudh Singh wins in Kasumpti constituency.

11:19 AM - Results declared : BJP win in 3 constituencies( Anni, Balh, Jaisinghpur), Congress in 1 (Kasumpti).

11:09 AM - BJP party workers celebrate at BJP headquarters in Delhi after trends show BJP's victory in Himachal Pradesh assembly elections.

10:57 AM - Congress catches on with lead in 23 seats, while BJP lead in 36 seats. Latest tally:

BJP - 36       Congress - 23       Independent - 2         CPM - 1

10:47 AM - Congress' tally goes up in Himachal Pradesh, now leading in 22 seats. BJP maintains its position at 37 seats.

10:45 AM - Home Minister Rajnath Singh says will form government in Himachal Pradesh.

10:35 AM - BJP takes lead in 37 seats followed by Congress leading in 21 seats.

10:23 AM - Congress hopeful about winning Himachal Pradesh assembly elections.

10:23 AM - Congress hopeful about winning Himachal Pradesh assembly elections.

10:20 AM - BJP leading in 36 constituencies while Congress is leading in 21, according to Election Commission.

10:10 AM - BJP's CM candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal trailing by 1709 votes in Sujanpur.

10:05 AM - BJP leading in more than 50 per cent seats in Himachal Pradesh. Latest tally according to Election Commission:

BJP - 35      Congress - 21      CPM - 1         Independent candidates - 2

10:00 AM - Himachal Pradesh Assembly election roundup:

BJP maintains the lead in Himachal Pradesh with the latest data suggesting that the party is likely to hit the halfway mark in leading constituencies. Experts suggest that BJP is likely to win the Himachal elections. Congress and other small parties are following closely with Congress leading in 21 seats.

9:56 AM: BJP ahead in 40 seats, Congress in 25 seats.

9:52 AM - Vibhadra Singh takes the lead in Arki, leading by 1162 votes.

9:44 AM - Latest tally according to Election Commission:

BJP - 28             CPM - 1             INC - 19

9:37 AM - BJP's CM candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal trailing in Himachal Pradesh.

9:35 AM - Vikramaditya, Himachal CM Virbhadra's son leading by 1316 votes in Shimla Rural.

9:27 AM - Congress candidates leading in Jhanduta, Kasumpti and Kinnaur.

9:25 AM - BJP leading Anni, Hamirpur, Gagret and Darang.

9: 37 AM -BJP maintains its lead in Himachal, leading in 41 seats while Congress is trailing with a lead in 25 seats.

9:25 AM: BJP leads in 40 seats, Congress ahead in 22 in Himachal.

9:12 AM -BJP leading in 25 seats and Congress in 18.

9:08 AM -Election Commission releases figures as counting is underway in Himachal Pradesh.

9:03 AM -BJP takes the lead in Himachal Pradesh. Latest tally:

BJP - 21  Others - 4    Congress - 11

9 AM: Himachal Pradesh assembly election results Roundup 

While Congress had a slow start with BJP leading in 13 seats and Congress in 2, the party took a leap and is now leading in 10 seats with BJP leading in 18. Smaller parties and independent candidates are leading in 2 constituencies.

8:57 AM -Latest tally:

BJP - 18             Congress - 10            Others - 2 

8:52 AM - BJP leading in 21 seats while Congress leading in 11 seats.

8:40 AM - EVMs opened in Shimla's Kasumati as counting of votes cast via EVMs begin in Himachal Pradesh.

8:37 AM - BJP goes down to 9 seats, while Others lead in 2 seats in Himachal Pradesh.

Latest tally:

BJP - 9         Others - 2      Congress - 7

8:32 AM - Congress takes the lead in 7 seats, while BJP goes down to 11 seats from 13. 

Latest tally :

BJP - 11      Congress - 7

8:30 AM - Roundup assembly elections Himachal Pradesh - Though both the parties started slow, BJP took the lead in 13 seats while Congress is leading in 4 seats in Himachal Pradesh. 

8:28 AM - BJP's Rajeev Bindal is leading in Nahan seat.

8:23 AM - Congress leading in 4 seats in Himachal Pradesh.

8:22 AM - BJP leading in 13 seats while Congress is leading in 2 seats.

8:20 AM - Latest trends in: Congress and BJP leading in 2 seats each in Himachal Pradesh.

8:18 AM - Visuals from counting center in Kasumpti, Shimla. 

8:17 AM - Congress leading in 1 seat in Himachal Pradesh, BJP leading in 2 seats.

8:15 AM - BJP leading in two seats in Himachal Pradesh, counting underway.

8:14 AM - Counting of Postal ballots begin in Himachal Pradesh. Visuals from Sanjauli in Shimla.

8:10 AM - First trends in: BJP leading in Himachal Pradesh.

8:00 AM - Counting of votes begin.

7:23 AM - Counting of votes is set to begin in Himachal Pradesh shortly. Here are some visuals from counting centers set up in Shimla and Hamirpur.

7:20 AM - Here's a look at the predicted seat share in Himachal Pradesh  according to the India Today-Axis exit poll.


7:15 AM - If Congress wins and Virbhadra Singh is elected as the chief minister this will be his 5th term as the chief minister of Himachal Pradesh.

7:00 AM - 337 candidates are contesting for 68 seats in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

6:45 AM - Counting of votes will begin at 8 AM.

6:26 AM - The Himachal Pradesh election results 2017 will have a bearing not only on the future of CM Virbhadra Singh but also on the Congress' quest of political survival in the face of the mammoth challenge thrown by PM Narendra Modi-Amit Shah partnership. Read more

6:17 AM - Himachal Pradesh's CM Virbhadra Singh has full faith in his party and is confident that the exit poll results will be proven wrong.

6: 04 AM - If BJP comes to power, BJP candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal will be appointed as the chief minister of Himachal Pradesh.

6: 02 AM - 337 candidates, including incumbent Virbhadra Singh, and his predecessor Prem Kumar Dhumal will be determined today.

6: 02 AM - BJP had to face conflicts within the party in Himachal Pradesh among factions led by JP Nadda, Shanta Kumar and PK Dhumal.

6: 00 AM - Himachal Pradesh went to polls on November 9.


Corruption was the major poll plank of the BJP in Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2017. The BJP launched a scathing attack on CM Virbhadra Singh accusing him of being corrupt. The Congress hit back at the BJP over the issues of GST and demonetisation.

Besides the Congress and the BJP, the BSP and CPI(M) are other significant players in Himachal Pradesh elections. Only the Himachal Pradesh election results will say if BSP and the CPI(M) would be able to bring in enough votes to at least scatter the BJP and Congress vote banks.

BSP contested 42 seats, CPI (M) 14 seats, Swabhiman Party and Lok Gathbandhan Party six seats each, and the CPI contested three seats.

Out of 67 sitting MLAs, 60 MLAs, including nine cabinet ministers, Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee president Sukhvinder Singh Sukkhu, state BJP chief Satpal Singh Satti, Deputy Speaker Jagat Singh Negi and eight Chief Parliamentary Secretaries (CPS) are among the prominent candidates in the Himachal Pradesh election 2017.

Sitting Rajya Sabha member Viplov Thakur (Congress), former Lok Sabha members, Chander Kumar (Congress and Dr Rajan Shushant (Independent) and former Rajya Sabha member Kripal Parmar (BJP) are also among key contestants.

Traditionally, Himachal Pradesh has been voting out the incumbent government every five years. Exit polls released a few days back also suggest the same trend for Himachal Pradesh election results 2017.

Congress has 25 MLAs, the BJP has 28 while there are four independent MLAs in the outgoing Himachal Pradesh Assembly. One seat is vacant on the account of the death of former minister Karan Singh from Banjar.

BJP ousted the Congress in 1990 and the Congress avenged defeat in 1993. The BJP formed the government with the help of Himachal Vikas Congress in 1998 and the Congress was back in power in 2003. The BJP made a comeback in 2007.

The Election Commission has deployed 2,820 counting staff to ensure counting goes on smooth and the Himachal Pradesh election results 2017 come out on time. Tight security arrangements have been made at all counting centres. Videography and CCTV coverage will be done in all counting centres.