Hillary Clinton shares prescient prediction she made about about a Trump White House in 2016

Chris Riotta
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The Democratic frontrunner released pieces of her highly anticipated platform on Friday
The Democratic frontrunner released pieces of her highly anticipated platform on Friday

Hillary Clinton appears to have been spot-on when she predicted how Donald Trump’s presidency would play out — from the Twitter feuds with reporters to attacks against his apparent enemies.

The former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic nominee painted a picture of what a Trump presidency could in fact entail during a speech she gave just months before the last election.

Her words have gained new prominence after they seemed to point out the apparent character flaws that would be featured throughout much of Mr Trump’s White House tenure.

“Now, just imagine if you can. Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office, the next time America faces a crisis,” Ms Clinton said in June 2016. “Imagine him being in charge when your jobs and savings are at stake. Is this who you want to lead us in an emergency? Someone thin skinned and quick to anger who’d likely be on Twitter attacking reporters or bringing the whole regulatory system down on his critics when he should be focused on fixing what’s wrong?”

Ms Clinton added: “Would he even know what to do?”

The quote from her speech was posted to social media this week and went viral, with Twitter users noting what they said were uncanny similarities to how Mr Trump has handled everything from the coronavirus pandemic to the Black Lives Matter protests that swept much of the country this summer following the police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man.

The former secretary of state joined in on the fun, retweeting a viral post with her quote on Monday night and writing: “In my case, there’s a whole speech for everything.”

Ms Clinton’s quip was a jab at the notion that Mr Trump, a frequent Twitter user who regularly blasts controversial messages and outright falsities to his millions of followers, always appears to have a tweet from his past that relates to his current actions or statements in office.

The former secretary of state has endorsed Joe Biden for the White House in his bid against Mr Trump.

She has warned that Mr Trump may attempt to “sneak or steal his way” into securing a second term in the White House, and that voters would need to support Mr Biden in an “overwhelming” way so that he would be unable to contest the results of the election.