Hilarious cricket video: Watch Australia's Fawad Ahmed walk out to bat in the middle without the willow

Ashim Sunam
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There have been some strange and weird incidents in world cricket, which must have found its way into YouTube's funny cricket videos. But, what transpired in a Sheffield Shield match in Alice Springs, Australia was extremely bizarre, and you cannot stop laughing after watching the video, I bet.

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Victoria's No 11 Fawad Ahmed went out to bat in the middle, hoping to score some important runs. But, the Australian did not have the most important equipment – cricket bat in his hand. Fawad had forgotten to carry the equipment.

The video shows Fawad, in a confident manner, walking onto the playing field, putting on his batsman gloves. But then he suddenly realised, he did not have the bat with him. The player walks back, and someone hands over his bat to him.

How on Earth can someone forget to bring his bat along while batting? One may forget those smaller equipments like gloves, but the willow is something, which is the most important thing you carry!

Hope Fawad learned a lesson or two from this Sheffield Shield match, and will always double check if he has a cricket bat before stepping onto the field to bat, avoiding another funny video on him.

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