How Hiking Changes Our Brain?

Just like our body, our brain too needs a proper workout and exercise to function properly.
If you think that playing mindful board games is the only way to exercise your brain, then you need to think again.

Physical activity such as Hiking is one of the beneficial exercises for our brain health.
Yes ! It impacts our brain by boosting memory and creativity and enhances our mental health.

Today in this video of now you know we will tell you how hiking changes our brain.

• Spurs creative problem solving

Urban noise and technology are both extremely disturbing and distracting which makes us lose our focus and concentration which takes a toll on our cognitive functioning.
Disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with a peaceful environment can drastically improve your creative problem-solving skills. So, while hiking when you don' use any gadget, it helps in decreasing mental fatigue, soothes the mind, and boosts creative thinking.

• Improves physical health and boosts brainpower

You might have heard of the expression ' healthy body, healthy mind', and hiking helps in maintaining both your physical and mental health.
It is a great form of exercise which isn't hard on your joints and can help you burn up to 500 calories an hour, depending on the difficulty of your hike. And since your mind and body are naturally connected, this form of aerobic exercise can help in keeping your brain cells nourished and healthy and improve your memory and cognitive ability.

• Reduces negative thoughts

Since the world is becoming more and more urban and developed leading to a constant pressure of work and family, it often leads to negative thoughts causing depression and anxiety.
Hiking allows us to take a break from this urban environment and spend some time in a peaceful environment where there is less noise and a few mental stressors.
It helps in reducing rumination levels and decreases the potential for mental illness by offering us a feeling of happiness and contentment.

So, when are you planning your hiking trip?