Highly possible it's a terror attack: Israeli Envoy on blast near Delhi embassy

Speaking on the blast, which took place on January 29 near the Israeli Embassy in Delhi, country's Envoy to India Ron Malka on January 30, said that it is highly possible a "terror attack" and fortunately nobody was hurt in the incident. He said, "Investigation is ongoing, gathering all evidence from the scene. There are full collaboration b/w Indian and Israeli authorities. As of now, our strong assumption is that it's a terror attack that targeted Israeli Embassy. Fortunately nobody was hurt." "All options are there on table. Yesterday when this terror attack was conducted, we celebrated 29th anniversary of full establishment of diplomatic relations b/w Israel and India, exactly yesterday. So, it may not be a coincidence but all options are being investigated," he added. A low-intensity explosion took place near the Israel Embassy in Delhi yesterday.