Highest Spike of Covid-19 cases in a single day recorded; Tally crosses 81,466 New Cases, 469 Deaths

As per the Covid-19 tally, the highest spike that has occurred till date was yesterday. Around 81,466 new cases and 469 deaths have been identified nd recorded in a single day. There were a little over 72000 cases on the previous day and a jump of 10,000 cases has been made in a mere one day's time. The major contributors are the 8 most affected states are responsible for an overall of 84% of the cases with Maharashtra toping the list consistently. The government has been taking all the necessary CTA's and precautions to contain this spread as it isn't even nearly possible or affordable to initiate another lockdown given the country is still recovering from the previous economic setback. The best and most effective prevention is social responsibility and validation of corona appropriate behavior in the country.