Highest single day spike of 68000 cases in India, COVID protocols violated in Mathura

India has recorded more that 68,000 cases taking the toll to over 1.20 crore with 291 deaths in the past 24 hours with the overall death toll crossing the 1.6 lakh mark. 8 states including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, TN have report 84.5% of the new cases in 2021. The Health Ministry raises serious concerns over the surge of the coronavirus case. From focusing on 5 states now the vigilance will be established over 8 states now given the alarming rate of increase in the cases. The additional secretary wrote to all the other health secretaries regarding the need for strict and stringent CTA requirements hinting another lockdown according to the circumstances and coming festival season as it was seen how the wedding season had spiked the spread.