Highest quality fake Indian currency seized since demonetisation and Pak has perfected it

Vicky Nanjappa

Ahmedabad, Oct 25: The Gujarat ATS recently busted a major counterfeit currency racket. The agency seized fake Indian currency of the face value, Rs 1.52 lakh and the notes found were in the denomination of Rs 2,000 and 500.

While the names of the usual suspects from Pakistan, Bangladesh and West Bengal cropped up during the investigation, the most important aspect of this case is that this has been the highest quality of fake notes that have been seized since demonetisation.

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It is the same mint and same gang in Pakistan which is behind this racket. Once demonetisation was announced, there was a major setback for this industry. However the examination of these notes have now revealed that this group has managed to make it almost similar.

They have managed to master the note to perfection said an officer associated with the probe. The paper, water mark and the security thread are identical and this is a big worry, the officer also added. This is a big worry for the Indian agencies who having a nightmare while dealing with this racket.

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Barring the marked improvement in the quality of the notes, the route and the suspects remain the same. Pakistan is where the notes originate from and it makes its landfall in Bangladesh. From there it is smuggled into Malda into West Bengal, before it makes it way into other parts of the country.

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