‘High sugar levels, excessive usage of steroids lead to mucormycosis’, say senior doctors

New Delhi/Chandigarh, May 21 (ANI): Doctors of Chandigarh and Delhi on May 21 said that they are receiving more cases of mucormycosis in the patients with high blood sugar levels and those who underwent excessive doses of steroids. LNJP Hospital Medical Director, Dr Suresh Kumar said, “A special team of doctors have been assigned for the treatment and surgery of mucormycosis patients and we have also demanded the government of the supply of medicines used in the treatment. We have seen more patients of high blood sugar levels & those who had on excessive doses of steroids are suffering from mucormycosis.” Head of Microbiology at PGIMER, Dr said, “I suggested all my colleagues after discharging diabetic COVID patients to advise them the early symptoms of Black Fungus so that they can come as early as possible to get themselves treated.”

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