High-priced evening tea: Chai pe charcha on Duronto to get expensive, Rs 50 for tea!

According to a circular issued by the Director (tourism and catering) of the Railway Board, the tariffs of prepaid meals on Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto and other paid meals will significantly rise soon.

The new rates for a cup of tea on the Shatabdi, Duronto and Rajdhani trains will now cost Rs 20 in second AC and Rs 15 in sleeper class. Lunch or dinner on the Duronto express which was earlier priced at Rs 80, will now cost you Rs 120 and the cost of evening tea has increased from Rs 20 to Rs 50.

The price of one meal in the Rajdhani Express will go up from Rs 145 to Rs 245.

The revised menu with new prices will be updated in the ticketing system after 15 days and will become applicable in the next 120 days.

The raised prices are not only for the premium trains, the regular mails and express trains will also see a rise in their food prices. A standard veg meal will now cost Rs 80, up from Rs 50.

Defending the steep rise in prices, an officer of Railway Board said, “We want to improve the quality of catering services in Indian Railway. That’s why this step has been taken”.

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