High Jack is a Forgettable Stoner Comedy That Doesn’t Take Off

Prakash Raj made the phrase “kuch bhi” famous, and that’s exactly what High Jack offers. Directed by Akarsh Khurana, the drug induced high that the title suggests only makes the film crash-land!

Akarsh Khurana, who has previously written screenplays for Krrish and Krrish 3, also doubles up as the writer for this stoner comedy. Adhir Bhat’s story introduces us to Rakesh (Sumeet Vyas), an out of luck and out of work DJ who is in dire need of money.

Presumably to earn some quick buck, he decides to carry drugs with him on his flight to Delhi from Goa. Credulity is stretched to snapping point as gun wielding men saunter in to hijack the craft.

Why would no one catch them at the airport? And how come drugs and weapons make their way in so easily? Well, your guess is as good as mine!

Meanwhile, the Airline company, Udaan, is going through its own turbulent weather. The company is shutting down and the owner (reminiscent of a certain King of good times) is having a good time, while the employees get pushed towards an uncertain future. The flight takes off as the narrative stagnates.

The amateurish highjacking attempt does elicit some laughs, but the same jokes are repeated so many times that they lose all charm! Mantra tries hard, but there is just so much that he can do without any help from the wafer thin plot. Sonnalli Seygall in the role of the captain has limited screen time, and an even scarce repertoire of expressions!

While there is precious little that holds us to the on-screen proceedings, the tragedy is that some genuinely good performers are caught in this mayhem. Sumeet Vyas’s guy-next-door vibe and his flair for comedy are totally wasted.

Kumud Mishra and Natasha Rastogi’s super entertaining husband-wife act, sadly, also doesn’t get its due in this forgettable film.

High jack never really takes off.  Except for a few jokes that land, it is totally underwhelming watch.

1.5 quints out of 5!

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