HIGH ALERT: To espouse Rohingya cause JMB plans strikes during Durga Puja

Vicky Nanjappa

Kolkata, Oct 16: A high alert has been declared in West Bengal ahead of the Durga Puja celebrations.

The alert comes following a meeting that was held in the Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka in which was decided to launch the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen into Kolkata and carry out a series of blasts.

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The Intelligence Bureau states that while there is a general alert every year ahead of the celebrations, this year, it is more concrete. The JMB would look to rake up the Rohingya issue by carrying out blasts. It may be recalled that the same outfit had planted bombs at Bodhgaya while the Dalai Lama was visiting.

A recent alert stated that a meeting was held at the High Commission in Dhaka in which it was decided that sustained anti-India activities should be carried out. Pakistan has been notorious for planning terror activities from its high commissions. In the recent past, Pakistan had plotted attacks in India from its High Commission in Delhi and Colombo.

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Speaking of the threat perception in West Bengal, the IB says that it has alerted all police stations to remain on very high alert. An alert has also been sounded in the remotest areas of the state, which have been notorious for breeding cadres of the JMB. An incident at Burdhwan back in 2014 showed how terrorists of the JMB were preparing scores of bombs.

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