Hey Miranda Kerr Trolls, It Is Time You Put All That Energy To Use

Miranda Kerr must be warned. They’ve found her. The most malignant of the lot, the trolls.

She may have nothing to do with what Evan Spiegel, her fiance and Snapchat CEO, has allegedly said about Indians. But those trolling her couldn’t care less.

Kerr could be doing anything right now. She could be at a UN convention discussing world peace; she could be on the job at a Victoria’s Secret show; she could be in India, for all you know, chanting the names of gods and goddesses. It doesn’t matter! The vultures would still swoop down on her.

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(Photo: Instagram/Altered by The Quint)

But why?

Because in their heads, Kerr is guilty by association. Why try and see reason? Why take a moment to consider the injustice? For the trolls, she is just another target, one they can pick on and rip apart.

The Australian model doesn’t deserve any of the hate that has been flung her way in the aftermath of the Snapchat debacle. She shouldn’t have to face a battalion of trolls who chose to berate her for a comment she had nothing to do with.

Even if she were connected to the comment, nothing, I repeat, nothing justifies online hate.

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(Photo: Instagram)

It is easy to vent misdirected venom at someone on the internet. But how does one nurture and then spew such hate upon unsuspecting people?

I’d like to believe that all those who trolled Kerr over Spiegel’s comments don’t know what they’re doing. Let me spell it out for you: Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel are individuals with opinions and actions of their own. Why pretend otherwise and breathe fire at someone who’s definitely not to blame?

If you’re the kind that thinks spewing hate online is the best way to soothe your anger, here’s a tip. The next time something angers you on the internet, find a high mountain, or even a window-sill, and let out a long scream. Don’t post anything on social media till you do. It’s cathartic and your social network will thank you. Go ahead, try it.

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