'He's like a son to me': Aunt wants to take nephew to court after winning $1 million lottery

Barb Reddick wants to take her nephew to court after their $1.2 million lottery winnings were split between them. (Photo: CTV News)

A little money is a blessing; a lot of money is a curse.

While everyone may experience little rifts with their family at times, nothing destroys a relationship faster than suddenly obtaining a large sum of money — some extra change in your purse can bring out the monster in you.

For example, Nova Scotia, Canada, resident Barb Reddick said that her nephew, Tyrone MacInnis, was like a son to her. They were so close that, for good luck, Reddick put Tyrone’s name on her winning lottery ticket.

Now she wants to take her beloved nephew to court for his half of the winnings, according to CTV News.

According to Reddick, she said she would split the consolation prize 50-50 with MacInnis, but she would not split the $1 million grand prize. Her nephew remembers differently.

When the organizers of Chase the Ace in Margaree Forks, Nova Scotia, gave Reddick and MacInnis their oversized check, all was fine as the two smiled for the cameras. Then, when they were presented with individual checks for just over $450,000, Reddick’s tone changed.

“I’m taking him to court. I’m getting my lawyer tomorrow,” she said. 

According to a CBC News report, Reddick’s nephew physically bought the winning ticket, and it had both of their names were on it, and MacInnis’s phone number and address were listed on the ticket. Apparently, Reddick was unaware that including both her name and her nephew’s name on the ticket would result in them splitting the prize.

“I put his name on the ticket for good luck because he’s like a son to me. … He was,” Reddick said. “He was lucky, but not for half a million dollars.”

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