Here's Why Maria Sharapova’s Facebook Wall Has Again Been Flooded

Shubhangi Derhgawen
·1-min read

In 2014, Maria Sharapova had been massively trolled by Sachin Tendulkar fans, mostly Malayalis, for not knowing him. During a press conference, when the media told Sharapova that Tendulkar had come to see the match that day and asked if she knew him, she had replied “I don’t.” In response, her Facebook wall was flooded with backlash.

Seven years later, Tendulkar's fans have yet again perched on the tennis player's Facebook wall. However, this time they apologised for their behaviour.

This happened after Tendulkar tweeted advocating for India’s 'unity' in response to pop star Rihanna’s comment on the ongoing farmers' protest in India.

Tendulkar posted an identical tweet along with many other celebrities asking people not to fall for 'false propaganda'.

Fans were very upset with Sachin's stance. Most social media users were apologetic for being critical of Maria Sharapova.

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With over 4,000 comments on her two recent posts on Facebook, users have been flooding the tennis player's wall. One user said that “I am sorry, Maria, the legend. We knew Sachin as a player. But we didn’t know him as a person. You were right and sorry for commenting bad on your FB post.”

Another said that, “Sorry for the attack you faced from my country back in 2014 when you said you didn’t know Sachin. Better you didn’t know him.”

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