Here's why Aamir Khan won't release 'Dangal' in Pakistan

Bollywood's Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan starrer 'Dangal' is one of the finest films that Indian cinema has ever witnessed. It portrays an inspiring yet realistic story on the struggle of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his daughters Geeta and Babita fighting against the odds to achieve big in wrestling. In spite of huge popularity of Indian films across the border, Producer Aamir has decided not to release 'Dangal' in Pakistan. Do you know why? Well, the reason will surely make you respect Aamir a little more. When Pakistani distributors approached Aamir, he was happy to release the film in Pakistan, until their censor board made some demands which were unacceptable by the actor. The Pakistan censor board wanted the scene with the Indian flag and the national anthem to be snipped from Dangal. But, Aamir refused to allow it as the film is only celebrating the female wrestler's achievements. He could not understand why the scenes were demanded to be removed as it plays an essential part of the script and had no reference to the neighbouring country Pakistan. Even though the film might result in about Rs. 10-12 crore loss, Aamir is not ready to edit the scenes.