Here's how to make wax at home in simple steps

Poornima Pandey
·2-min read


01 Nov 2020: Here's how to make wax at home in simple steps

Nowadays, we all are locked up in our houses due to the coronavirus pandemic, and those beauty parlor visits seem quite risky.

However, even during these times, it's important to follow your beauty regimen, which includes applying face packs, trying to cut your hair or say doing the entire waxing ritual at home.

So, how to make wax at home? Here are some methods.

Part 1: All you need: Sugar, lemon juice, water, sauce pan

Wax is prepared by caramelizing sugar and it can easily be made at home with simple ingredients.

So, avoid spending big amounts on things you can simply get at home.

All you need is a saucepan, sugar, lemon juice, and water.

Put equal amounts of sugar and water in the saucepan, add 2/3rd cup of lemon juice, and heat on a medium flame.

Part 2: Find pieces of cloth for wax strips

After 2-3 minutes of heating, start stirring the mixture consistently.

When a thick consistency is achieved, turn off the heat and cover the pan with a lid.

Now, let this cool down. Once that is done, store it in a glass jar.

The wax is now ready to use. All you need to do is find a cloth piece for making wax strips.

Options: Wish to avoid extra hassle? Make hard wax

If you wish to avoid the extra hassle, use hard wax. It doesn't require wax strips for removal and has a thick consistency.

You apply the wax and pull it off directly, and the hair comes out.

Caramelize sugar like before, drop wax little by little into a water bowl.

Repeat this until you're done pouring the wax. Ensure that the wax retains moisture.

Details: And finally, how to do waxing?

The irony is that waxing is both the easiest and the hardest of all hair-removal methods.

There's no algorithm for waxing but obviously, it is the hardest because it is very painful.

For waxing, rub baby powder over your skin, apply wax in the direction of hair growth with a blunt knife, press the cloth-strip, and pull.

And bid farewell to that hair growth!