Here's How Much Everyone's Favourite Baby Yoda Actually Costs

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Star Wars: The Mandalorian marked the first season of Baby Yoda’s Infant Adventures, and Adam Pally, a big-time Star Wars fan was lucky enough to be chosen as a cast in the movie.

The only surprise was his casting as a Scout Trooper, perhaps one of the most hated criminals in the Star Wars history, even more than Jar Jar.

As Scout Trooper, Adam was made to punch Baby Yoda, one of the most loved characters.

Surprisingly, Baby Yoda is not just cute and the Internet's favourite meme, but it is expensive as well.

Yes, you read that right.

And the cost is $5 million (approx Rs 35 crores).

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Adam spoke about the moment when Jon Favreau asked if he wanted to “do something special” and how he got scolded for punching Baby Yoda a little too hard.

Adam told, “I remember the first take that I did when I punched him. They called ‘Cut!’ and Jon, who was watching on a monitor in his office, he came down from this office and said, ‘I just want to let you know that this is the hero Yoda [the main prop used for close-ups] and it costs, like, $5 million. So while I want you to hit it, I just want you to know that.’ Because I think I took a big swing at it. And the next three takes I missed because I was so nervous.”