Here's how you should maintain, take care of colored hair

Meera Venugopal
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29 Mar 2021: Here's how you should maintain, take care of colored hair

The color of your hair is a statement in itself and is more of an identity for some people.

From fuchsia pink to more subtle hazel browns, there are hundreds of hues available in the market to choose from.

But caring for colored hair comes with its set of challenges.

Here are some ways to ensure that your locks retain the color for longer.

Hair products: Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner specific for colored hair

Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a common substance found in many skin and hair products, but do note, it is harmful to your hair.

Using sulfate-infused products not only strips the hair of its moisture but also removes the color from your hair.

It is best to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for colored hair to maintain the hue of your tresses.

Wash: Wash hair less often, limit to 2-3 times a week

Washing your hair frequently can strip the oil from your hair.

In addition to that, washing colored hair often can reduce its shine and vibrance.

Though there is no specific number, it is best to shampoo the hair two or three times a week.

If your colored-hair is prone to split ends and breakage, wash it not more than two times a week.

Sun: Use products like a serum that offer UV protection

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause the UVA and UVB rays to damage the cuticle of your hair.

When it comes to colored hair, the sun can fade the dye and rip the hair of its color.

Use a hat while going out in the sun for long hours. Also, apply a serum with SPF to protect the hair from sun damage.

Hair mask: Apply a hair mask once a week for healthy hair

Apply a deep conditioning hair mask once a week to keep your locks healthy.

Make a nourishing hair mask by whipping one egg and two tablespoons of mayonnaise together.

Apply the mask starting from your scalp and work it into the hair strands, focusing on the tips.

Leave it on for half an hour and rinse with a sulfate-free shampoo followed by a conditioner.