Here's how you can give your kitchen a budget makeover

Meera Venugopal
·2-min read

21 Feb 2021: Here's how you can give your kitchen a budget makeover

Have you ever looked around at your kitchen and felt an urge to give it an immaculate makeover, only to be disheartened about the expenses?

Well, there are umpteen ways to give your dull kitchen a fresh makeover, and it really doesn't have to cost you a bomb.

Read on for a few budget-friendly hacks to liven that important space of your house.

Paint: Easiest way! Paint your kitchen walls and cabinet doors

Painting is the easiest way to transform any space and give it a new look.

Use neutral shades or plain white ones to give your kitchen a well-lit and airy appearance.

Coloring the cabinet doors will also make a huge difference in its look and feel.

Opt for neutral shades for a timeless look or go for richer shades of blue or green.

Storage: Improve storage areas by making them easily accessible

Give way for efficient storage cabins and compartmentalize them to suit different purposes.

Rearranging your kitchenware is an efficient way to clear worktops.

Show off your attractive glassware on an open shelf, while tucking away pans and utensils in an accessible cabinet beneath the kitchen counter.

You can also invest in a plywood shelf for all your spices just next to your stove.

Lighting: Invest in lighting up your kitchen for an aesthetic feel

Getting the lighting part in the kitchen can be tricky as most of us are used to working with a single tube light.

Above cabinet lighting gives the kitchen a more royal look and feel, with the ceilings lit well.

Investing in task lights is another way to amp up your space, while simultaneously reaping the benefits when you are cooking at the bench.

Wires: De-clutter the wires and move chargers out of sight

All the wiring from kitchen appliances can add a shabby and congested feel to your kitchen.

Secure chords of extra length with a twist-tie or make use of velcro straps.

If there are mobile phone and laptop chargers, consider mounting power cords at the back of a free station, so that you can use them as a secret charging area out of eyesight.