Here's how diabetics can manage their blood sugar levels during the festive season

With festivals rolling one after the other, it’s difficult to keep track of your sweet intake. These times are most difficult for diabetes patients. They have to track their sugar levels daily and restrict their diet to smaller quantities and varieties.

To make the festive season a little less stressful and more joyful, here are simple pointers to help you manage your diabetes while keeping the festive spirit high.

  1. Ditch the traditional chivda, consume chivda made from brown rice poha instead.

  2. Add newness to your basic diwali farsan, make dal-based chakali and kadboli.

  3. Go for namkeen shakarpare to cut down your sugar intake. Instead of sugar use salt, add palak or methi to add flavour to it.

  4. Try to avoid refined products like maida and sugar.

  5. Choose whole grain flour like jowar atta and khapli gehu atta instead of standard maida.

  6. Add a twist to your basic besan laddoos and you won’t have to count how many you’ve had. Use dates or honey for sweetness instead of sugar.

  7. Laddoos can also be made of groundnut and dry fruits.

  8. Consciously use coconut/groundnut oil instead of ghee for all your food during the festive season.

How much to eat?

You can obviously have sweets and faral, but avoid consuming them in big quantities. One or two pieces of sweets and a single serving of namkeen and faral should suffice your festive cravings.

Best time to satisfy your cravings

Do not have sweets, namkeen or faral before a meal or on an empty stomach, you will simply end up eating more than you intended to. Also, try not to have any sweets after 6 p.m. usually our metabolism slows down in the evening and night. Which means the calories either burn down slowly or do not burn at all.

Note: Diabetes patients are advised to have sugar or anything out of their prescribed diet only when their blood sugar level is normal or in control.

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