Here's the complete group stage schedule of IPL 2019

Rajdeep Saha


19 Mar 2019: Here's the complete group stage schedule of IPL 2019

The 12th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 is set to get underway in Chennai from March 23 onwards.

Earlier, the schedule up till April 5 was released by the tournament organizers.

But now the full group stage schedule has been released.

The Committee of Administrators (CoA) held a meeting in Mumbai on Monday.

Here are the details.

Group stage: IPL group stage to end on May 5

The group stage of IPL 2019 is set to end on May 5.

All eight teams will be playing seven home matches, this term.

The BCCI released the schedule in parts due to the General Elections which will he held around the same time.

The final group match on May 5 will be played between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders.

Fact: General Elections taken into consideration

The group stage schedule of IPL 2019 is balanced in terms of afternoon and weekend matches. The main factor taken into consideration was the schedule of Lok Sabha elections.

Schedule: How does the schedule of the first part look like?

In the first part of the schedule, all teams will play four matches each.

Only Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Capitals will feature in five matches apiece.

DC will be embroiled in three home matches.

Meanwhile, RCB will play three away matches.

Other teams will play two home and two away games.

Chennai Super Kings and RCB will play the opening encounter.

Fact: IPL 2019 schedule for first two weeks

Fact: Key information about IPL timings

IPL 12 will see the afternoon matches begin at 4 PM and the evening games will start at 8 PM. Earlier, reports claimed that the franchises too wanted the same timings. Meanwhile, the knockout matches and the final will start from 7 PM.

Schedule April 6-13: IPL schedule April 6-13

April 6: Chennai vs Punjab (4 PM) and Hyderabad vs Mumbai (8 PM).

April 7: Bangalore vs Delhi (4 PM) and Rajasthan vs Kolkata (8 PM).

April 8: Punjab vs Hyderabad.

April 9: Chennai vs Kolkata.

April 10: Mumbai vs Punjab.

April 11: Royals vs Chennai.

April 12: Kolkata vs Delhi.

April 13: Mumbai vs Rajasthan (4 PM) and Punjab vs Bangalore (8 PM).

April 14-21 schedule: A look at the schedule between April 14-21

April 14: Kolkata vs Chennai (4 PM) and Hyderabad vs Delhi (8 PM).

April 15: Mumbai vs Bangalore.

April 16: Punjab vs Rajasthan.

April 17: Hyderabad vs Chennai.

April 18: Delhi vs Mumbai.

April 19: Kolkata vs Bangalore.

April 20: Rajasthan vs Mumbai (4 PM) and Delhi vs Punjab (8 PM).

April 21: Hyderabad vs Kolkata (4 PM) and Bangalore vs Chennai (8 PM).

April 22-May 2: A look at the schedule between April 22-May 2

April 22: Rajasthan vs Delhi.

April 23: Chennai vs Hyderabad.

April 24: Bangalore vs Punjab.

April 25: Kolkata vs Rajasthan.

April 26: Chennai vs Mumbai.

April 27: Rajasthan vs Hyderabad.

April 28: Delhi vs Bangalore (4 PM) and Kolkata vs Mumbai (8 PM).

April 29: Hyderabad vs Punjab.

April 30: Bangalore vs Rajasthan.

May 1: Chennai vs Delhi.

May 2: Mumbai vs Hyderabad.

Fact: A look at the schedule between May 3-5

May 3: Punjab vs Kolkata. May 4: Delhi vs Rajasthan (4 PM) and Bangalore vs Hyderabad (8 PM). May 5: Punjab vs Hyderabad (4 PM) and Mumbai vs Kolkata (8 PM).

Our take: TV listing and IPL 2019 predictions

The matches will be telecast live on the Star Sports Network and once can stream the same on Hotstar.

We predict CSK to lift up their fourth IPL trophy and the second in succession.

Mumbai, KKR and SRH could be the teams heading to the play-offs.

The Mumbai vs KKR final group stage match on May 5 could turn out to be pretty essential.