Here’s the big changes to expect from Apple’s three new iPhones this week

Rob Waugh
It looks set to be the biggest shake-up to Apple’s iPhones in years (Getty)

Apple looks set to unveil a major shake-up to its iPhone-line this week – including a cheap, hi-tech new handset.

The tech giant is set to unveil as many as three handsets, including two updated versions of iPhone X, one of which will have a huge 6.5-inch screen.

The new ‘value’ device will have a cheaper LCD screen, but will offer the same all-screen front panel and Face ID as last year’s iPhone X.

The cheaper device is rumoured to start at $600 (£459).

‘Biggest announcement in years’

The new phones will be launched at an event taking place at the firm’s Apple Park campus in California on Wednesday.

Several of the phones will have iPhone X’s ‘all screen’ look (Getty)

Insiders are also predicting a fourth-generation Apple Watch will be introduced during the event.

Ru Bhikha, mobiles expert at said, ‘All signs point to Wednesday’s event being one of Apple’s largest launch announcements in recent years.’

‘This major tranche of reboots will undoubtedly please Apple fans and win some new devotees, but it’s hard not to see this multi-device launch making up for increasingly modest fanfare that has greeted new iterations of the iPhone in recent years.’

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‘Apple’s decision to launch three iPhone devices this week is a strategic move to regain footing in multiple areas of the mobile market,’ he said.

‘More affordable’

‘This all-in approach will likely see the launch of an affordable specimen – touted as the iPhone XC – as well as a reboot to the iPhone X and a larger X model.

Apple is also expected to launch a wireless charger pad for both iPhone and Apple Watch (Apple)

‘While the reboot and the supersize X are likely to be the showier additions to the line-up, the development of what is essentially a successor to the super-popular budget SE is a real crowd-pleasing move.

‘Depending on the price point, the launch of the XC could also see Apple making serious moves in the mobile mid-tier as it hopes to regain ground from more competitively priced rivals.’

Samsung and Huawei – who along with Apple make up the top three phone makers by market share – have already launched critically acclaimed flagship smartphones this year, placing more pressure on Apple to deliver with its latest iPhone.

Beyond smartphones and a new Apple Watch, the technology giant could also debut new versions of its AirPod wireless earphones and multi-device charging pad, AirPower, which was first announced at last year’s iPhone event.