Here's How a Bengali Restaurant in UK is Helping the Elderly During Coronavirus

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Even during the increasing chaos all around the globe, a few people are helping others in innovative ways.

While a Darjeeling bakery named Glenaray’s offered free bread to people, a Bengali restaurant in the UK is helping the poor and elderly by offering them free rice and curry.

Bengali Cottage, a curry house in Leeds has extended its help to the elderly, the most vulnerable group to Coronavirus. The food outlet is doing a noble work as it has helped these elderlies by providing them free rice, curry as well as loo rolls.

The curry house is run and owned by Mohammed Saheb Miah.

“I used my first-hand experience of poverty and started helping those who need a hand as I think that the government help is simply not enough,” he told

The curry house is the only restaurant in the village of Micklefield. Mohammed will be keeping it open ‘every day until the virus disappears’.

The elderly group have been worst affected by the spreading COVID-19, as their immunity fails to fight the virus. At many places, the hoarding has led these people to miss out on the essential items as well.

The UK government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the stay-at-home orders to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus in the country.