Here's how Apple could incorporate in-display Touch ID into iPhones

Shubham Sharma


19 May 2019: Here's how Apple could incorporate in-display Touch ID into iPhones

With the launch of iPhone X and its successors, we all witnessed the departure of Apple's iconic Touch ID sensor.

The new iPhones rely on Face ID authentication, which has been doing a pretty decent job.

However, interestingly, a new patent has indicated that the Cupertino giant may not have given up on the idea of fingerprint scanning after all.

Here's all about it.

Patent: In-display fingerprint scanning being considered

The patent, published recently by the US Patent and Trademark Office, reveals Apple's vision of an in-display Touch ID system.

The idea, in simple terms, revolves around integrating the display panel with small 'pinholes' and shining a light on the user's finger.

When the light reflects, it would pass through the holes to an optical image sensor under the screen, thereby recording the fingerprint.

Advantage: This could provide for all-screen scanning

While the technique sounds pretty similar to that used by OnePlus and other companies, it's worth noting that Apple's method could allow for all-display fingerprint scanning.

Basically, with minute holes integrated all under the display, the user could unlock the device by touching anywhere, instead of hitting the power button and pressing against a specific portion.

This could be a major USP for Apple.

Fact: Prototype data showed interesting results

Notably, despite being small, the pin-holes would capture sufficient fingerprint data. In fact, the prototype test images shared in the patent revealed that the sensor captured images of lines and text down to the micron level.

Possibility: However, we can't be sure about integration of this tech

While the tech is interesting, do note that this is just a patent, a technology that Apple explored but may or may not incorporate into a final product.

If it goes ahead with in-display scanning, you could get a taste of both Touch ID and Face ID security on a single iPhone.

If not, Face ID alone isn't weak either!