Here's how Adonis Ayeva is crushing the Dropshipping game

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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09 Nov 2020: Here's how Adonis Ayeva is crushing the Dropshipping game

E-commerce businesses are dominating market shares across the board.

20 years ago, this was unthinkable. But, it became possible because of new-age entrepreneurs.

Meet Adonis Ayeva, an emerging e-commerce entrepreneur.

Growing up in Togo, West Africa, and moving to Atlanta at 11 with an entrepreneurial mother prepared him well for future ventures.

Here is more about him.

Details: The moment he decided to refine his skills

Before Adonis became the e-commerce expert he is today, he treated the business like a side hustle.

The real shift in his mindset happened when one day in college, he paid all his bills with eBay profits alone. This was when he started taking this skill seriously.

Within the first few months, he worked his way up to a $10K/month pay.

Teaching: After receiving requests, Adonis also started teaching

After Adonis refined his skills and started to scale multiple businesses, he received many requests, asking him to teach others.

Post accepting his first student, Adonis helped them hit $11,000 in less than two weeks.

His lessons about running a real business include setting up LLCs, attaining reseller permits, and scaling up while hiring virtual assistants.

Future: He plans to work toward empowering more young entrepreneurs

With his knowledge about private equity, Adonis is expected to make a huge splash with any ventures he pursues in future.

He also plans to work toward empowering young entrepreneurs because he believes that they have the power and perseverance to solve global problems such as starvation, climate change, poverty and lack of infrastructure in underdeveloped countries.

Here's the link to his course: