'Her Choice': YouTube Channel Adds Sindoor to Anushka Sharma's Diwali Pictures, Twitter Asks Why

Buzz Staff
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Celebrities are always under public scrutiny and if the celebrity is a woman, the scrutiny takes a very moral, and sometimes misogynistic, tone. From what they wear to the gym, to court hearings to parties or their personal choice of having a child after marriage, everything comes under public eye. In one such incident, a YouTube channel added sindoor to actor Anushka Sharma's Diwali pictures. Sindoor is traditionally worn by Hindu women as a signifier of their married life, apart from red bangles and mangalsutra. However, women now opine that it is a personal choice.

This YouTube channel named ‘Universal In Sights’ has come under fire on social media after it posted the sindoor picture of Anushka on Twitter. Here is Anushka's original Diwali picture where she looked stunning in white. But assuming she got married in 2017 to cricketer Virat Kohli, people deem it necessary for her to wear a sindoor even if she doesn't choose to.

Twitterati are not impressed with this feat put up by the YouTube channel which is akin to imposing one's choice on an independent individual. But poking their nose in people's business is really some people's business.

Anushka has been subjected to sexist comments ever since she was dating Virat Kohli. Sometime's she was blamed, even in joke, for Kohli's poor show on cricket field and sometimes Kohli came under attack for opting for paternity leave. The couple are scheduled to welcome their first baby in January 2021.