In her absence, presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren’s dog Bailey takes part in campaign

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Bailey Warren also participated in a selfie line just like Senator Warren, who has made it a trademark to stay back for hours to click pictures with her guests.

Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren was stuck in Washington for President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, so her pet dog named Bailey Warren made his presence felt at the campaign.

Less than a week before the Iowa caucus, the 20-month-old Golden Retriever, accompanied by Warren's husband Bruce Mann, made three campaign stops on Wednesday. The dog also participated in a selfie line, just like Senator Warren, who stays back at her campaign events to take selfies with people.

A supporter of US Senator Elizabeth Warren, putting Bailey during a meet and greet event on Wednesday. (Source: Reuters)

“As you can see, it is all paws on deck,” Mann said at Wednesday's meet and greet event, according to Wahington Post.

Bailey also met Gideon Kidd, a 11-year-old who runs the popular Twitter account “I’ve Pet That Dog”.

"He is campaigning through Iowa to become First Dog," Kidd tweeted along with a selfie.

Here's how people reacted to photos of Bailey:

The process of picking the Democratic presidential nominee will start on February 3, and is seen as a four-way race between former Vice President Joe Biden, Former Mayor of South Bend Pete Buttigieg, Senator Bernie Sanders and Warren.