Henderson's emotional father reveals Champions League promise his son made at 10 years old

The former Reds midfielder believes a man who skippered the club to a sixth European Cup win will eventually get the credit he deserves

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson told his father he would play in a Champions League final one day, his dad Brian has revealed, when he attended the 2003 final between Milan and Inter at Old Trafford.

Henderson lifted the famous trophy for Liverpool on Saturday night, helping the Reds to their sixth European title with a 2-0 win over Tottenham. 

The 28-year-old Sunderland-born midfielder was pictured hugging his dad and crying amid emotional celebrations at the side of the pitch after the game. 

Afterwards, Brian told Optus Sport: "When he was 10 I took him to see a Champions League final at Manchester United between Juventus and Milan and he said to us, when they came out to the Champions League music, he said: 'Dad I'm going to play there one day'.

"He's done it not once, but twice. And he's won one. I'm absolutely  delighted for him.

"I think if he hadn't picked that trophy up today he would have had a bad, bad summer. But now he'll have a fantastic summer with the children."

Henderson started the 3-1 final defeat to Real Madrid last year in which Liverpool walked away devastated after coming so close to raising the trophy. 

And he was full of passion when he picked up the club's prize this time around, having played the full 90 minutes after a Premier League season in which Liverpool finished runners-up to Manchester City by just one point. 

"I am the proudest man in the world," Brian continued. "Absolutely.

"I didn't expect it, the way the game was going, I thought it was going to be 1-1 and go into extra time.

"Everybody was dead on their feet but they came through and I'm just so proud. Unbelievably proud."

Of the moment he watched his son pick up the trophy, Brian added: "It's just very emotional, the tears come, you start shaking, you grab your wife, you grab your daughter-in-law, you grab anybody that's around you. I'm just so, so happy."

Henderson has been included in England's UEFA Nations League finals squad, with the Three Lions set to take on the Netherlands on Thursday before another final, should they qualify, next Sunday.