All Hell Breaks Loose on Twitter as Breakdancing Makes it to the 2024 Paris Olympics

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Breakdancing is an Olympic sport! Yes, from Monday, December 7 it has become one after the International Olympic Committee announced that four new sports have made it to the 2024 Paris Olympics with breakdancing being one of them.

Breakdancing, which will be known as 'Breaking' in Paris' quadrennial event is the newest entry into the Olympics after surfing, climbing and skateboarding were made part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The Paris Games organisers recommended Breaking to be included because they wanted to deliver a programme that is in keeping with the times and will attract a new and younger audience. The introduction of breakdancing was "one of the results of the Olympic Agenda 2020", Bach said. "We had a clear priority to introduce sports (that are) particularly popular among the younger generation and taking into consideration the urbanisation of sport."

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However, as soon as the news came out, all hell broke loose on social media. A dance form becoming a part of a sporting event was a surprise to everyone and the decision was not met with unanimous praise.

While most people were amused by the idea, some even expressed their displeasure over IOC's decision.

Here are some Twitter reactions:

Some hit out at the IOC for diluting the prestige of the Games and snubbing sports such as netball and softball.

Breakdancing, which grew up alongside hip hop in the South Bronx of New York in the 1970s, appeared at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, in the form of head-to-head “battles”.

Russia’s Sergei Chernyshev, competing under the nickname Bumblebee, won the first breakdancing gold medal for boys in that event, while Japan’s Ramu Kawai won the girls’ title.

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Meanwhile, World Dance Sport Federation president has hailed the decision. “Today is a historic occasion not only for b-boys and b-girls but for all dancers around the world,” said Shawn Tay.

“The WDSF could not be prouder to have breaking included at Paris 2024... It was a true team effort to get to this moment and we will redouble our efforts in the lead-up to the Olympic Games to make sure the breaking competition at Paris 2024 will be unforgettable.”