Helix tattoos are the next cool ear art trend on Instagram (See Pictures)

Nithya Nair
Helix tattoos are the next cool ear art trend on Instagram (See Pictures)

You will not have to worry about finding the other pair of earring now because tattoos are taking its place. The latest trend in the fashion market is ear tattoos or helix tattoos. The thin embellishments on your ears look fabulous and trendy. After the fad caught trend people are now getting their ears tattooed and replacing it with earrings. The new tattoo work requires a lot of time and patience but results look amazing. Tattoo artists are surely investing time for these intricate artworks which are designed on the upper curve of the outer ear. The trend has gained quite some popularity on Instagram with people showing off their tattoos on the social networking site.

It is Seoul-based tattoo artist Zihee who started the trend. While people are of the opinion that the tiny tattoos will get hidden behind long hair, tattoo lovers are exploring the new fashion. While some who do not a permanent earring on their ears are trying tiny temporary ones. The minimal design usually is simple floral works with colors filled in. Stick-and-poke lines and dots also seem to be popular among people. Some of them have got the back of their ears decorated with small dots. While ear piercings continue to be in fashion, these intricate designs are the latest to get cool points from social media users. Top 5 Instagram trends that could redefine fashion!

Check out some cool helix tattoos here:

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