Hearing Impaired Dad 'Expressing Love' to Newborn Daughter in Sign Language Warms Hearts


A video of a hearing impaired father communicating with his newborn daughter in sign language is touching hearts on Twitter.

The video was posted on Twitter by retired US basketball professional Rex Chapman on Saturday and already has over a hundred thousand views.

In it, a man can be seen holding a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket in his arms. He is speaking to her in sign language. "This hearing-impaired father expressing love to his newborn daughter in sign-language is the definitely Twitter content I’m here for," Chapman wrote as caption to the video on Twitter.

Though the identity of the man or the place and date of the video could not be confirmed, the post has moved many on Twitter.

Someone even attempted to translate what the dad was signing.

Others shared their own experiences of dealing wit disability or persons with disability.

Throughout the video, the baby's eyes are held on the dad whose joy is infectious. The universality of love truly transcends all barriers including language.