I Heard Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Anti-Muslim Rants as Early as 2002

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    Please be impartial in commenting about religious heads, He has done many good works for the society, why don;t you consider this, just one statement cannot
    undo all that he has done for the society, if you are good Samaritan please tell about all other religious heads, now days it has become fashion to make comment on certain religious heads to getting themselves called as so called advanced
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    SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR is doing a noble job.
    He is following the guidelines of supreme court for a out of court settlement.
    There is nothing wrong in his statements. Any kind of final judgement should not create a chaos in the minds of major/minor societies.
    In India peaceful co-existence of all communities will only bring in growth of the nation.
    ALL types of unwanted interpretations only will escalate the issue.
    So let us think peacefully what SRI SRI says.
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    One more liberandu on the way. Shri Shri has done tremendous work for poor class including Muslims Hindus and every other community. Fake allegations without any proof is habit of Prestitutes, people do not believe them any more.
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    WOW, wot a write up, though from the very beginning it is biased, and meant to create more discord among each other. The writer profess to spread knowledge, alas its spreading venom. Ravi Sankar is Anti Muslim!! What about the continuous service projects going around Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, African countries etc which are all Muslim dominated country. Have you ever wanted to visit his place and asked the Muslims there why they are there! probably you will never do so cause then you will not find any buyer. The write bluntly quote Sri Sri's words where he said that there will be civil war if supreme court wont rule in favor of temple. And i searched for the interview and saw it!!! does the writer really watched the interview? who ever may got a favorable decision from the court, the other party wont feel dejected and deprived and whether this will not increase enmity among the community? Its sad, peoples are portraying things in a manner other then that has been really quoted, just to get some more readership and mileage; but ultimately it is this so called brainy intellectual writer/interpreter who are responsible for the discord in the society. May God pity them and let them grow up now.
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    Chandra sekhar Mogilisetti
    He is s pseudo secular. If he is a real journalist he would have written about it then itself and now started raising this issue now so that he can defame shree ravishankar now. He is just and opportunist.
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    have you not heard congress leaders anti hindu statements, and Owaisi' brothers anti india and hindu speeches? you are aliabity for the nation.
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    Devils Saint
    I have read the Quran, I advise the writer to read the Quran too! The book is full of slaughtering, raping, and enslaving kuffar's...just see what muslims have done to yazidi's and christians in the middle east.
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    he is another a**h*** from Chaddi RSS goons.