#HealthBytes: Yoga asanas that will help fight skin problems

Meera Venugopal
·2-min read
#HealthBytes: Yoga asanas that will help fight skin problems
#HealthBytes: Yoga asanas that will help fight skin problems

21 Apr 2021: #HealthBytes: Yoga asanas that will help fight skin problems

It can get confusing when you have skin issues and there are a thousand remedies to choose from. 

From invasive therapies to non-invasive beauty products, the list of solutions for skin problems is never-ending. 

But how many of them really work? 

While we can't vouch for the rest, practicing these yoga asanas regularly is guaranteed to heal your skin of its problems.

Ustrasana: Ustrasana balances hormones and prevents acne breakout

Kneel on a mat and place your hands on the hips. 

Inhale, and tighten your butt muscles. Now, arch backwards, while your chest faces the ceiling and gently hold your heel. 

Do not apply pressure on the neck and let it feel free. 

Hold this position for about a minute. 

Gently release your heels and come back to the starting position.

Pawanmuktasana: Pawanmuktasana helps clear acne and blemishes

Lie on your back, with feet together, and arms resting on the sides. Inhale. 

As you exhale, gently bring in both the knees toward your chest. 

Clasp your hands around your legs. This pose will look like you are tightly hugging your knees. 

Hold the posture and breathe normally. 

Exhale and slowly bring back your body to the starting position. 


Uttanasana: Uttanasana fights inflammation and leaves you with healthy skin

Stand straight with arms on the hips. 

Exhale and gently bend forward without losing balance and feet firmly on the ground. 

You can bend your knees to avoid hurting them. 

Let the hands rest on the floor by the sides of feet or on your ankles. 

Breathe normally and hold this pose for about 30-45 seconds. 

Inhale and rise up to a standing position.

Halasana: Halasana brings about a natural glow to the face

Lie down straight with your hands on the side. Gently raise your legs upwards followed by your hips. 

Support your back with your hands. 

Now, slowly move your legs over your head and toward the floor. Place your toes on the ground and rest your hands on the side. 

Hold this pose for a while. 

Now, gently bring back your legs to lying position.