#HealthBytes: Try these remedies at home to eliminate dark circles

Meera Venugopal
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#HealthBytes: Try these remedies at home to eliminate dark circles
#HealthBytes: Try these remedies at home to eliminate dark circles

10 Jan 2021: #HealthBytes: Try these remedies at home to eliminate dark circles

Dark circles are usually a by-product of years of sleepless nights and unhealthy eating habits.

But in most people, they are passed on through genes and over time, the skin surrounding the eyes becomes dark and wrinkled.

This inevitably gives the face an aged and overall fatigued look.

Here are a few home remedies to give your eyes a fresh makeover.

Sleep: Sleep: Giving your eyes some much needed rest is key

They say a good night's sleep is essential to rejuvenate your body and to effectively go about day-to-day activities.

The same is the case for healthy-looking eyes as well.

Lack of sleep causes under-eye bags, thus making existing dark circles more prominent.

Make sure to get 7-8 hours of sound sleep every night, to reduce dark circles and to keep puffy eyes at bay.

Eye mask: Apply homemade eye masks: Your eyes will thank you

Massage coconut oil around your eyes, every night.

Alternatively, applying a mixture of almond oil and honey eliminates stubborn dark circles and works well on crow's feet.

Separately, refrigerate a creamy mixture of milk and baking soda for 30 minutes. Apply around your eyes and wash off when dry.

Your eyes will appear fresh and regular application will fade away dark circles as well.

Moisturize: Do not skip your SPF sunscreen and moisturizer

It is important to dab on sunscreen, every single time you step out.

This protects your skin from the harmful UV rays which cause skin damage.

After applying the SPF sunscreen, moisturize your face and the gentle area around your eyes as well.

At night, remove your makeup, cleanse your face and apply a light eye cream. Top it off with a moisturizer.

Scrub: Coffee scrubs provide antioxidants; tea-bags help dilate blood vessels

Further, antioxidants present in coffee also helps in treating puffy eyes, eye bags and dark circles.

Make a scrub with coffee powder and honey. Gently apply around your eyes.

You can either wash it off in 30 minutes or leave it overnight for maximum results.

You can also refrigerate used tea bags for 10 minutes and place them on your eyes.

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