#HealthBytes: Top 5 benefits of using honey for hair growth

Sagar Malik

#HealthBytes: Top 5 benefits of using honey for hair growth

21 Sep 2018: #HealthBytes: Top 5 benefits of using honey for hair growth

Want long, silky, beautiful-looking hair? Everyone does!

Although maintaining hair health isn't an easy task, using natural, healthy ingredients can help contribute to growing long and shiny hair.

Honey, packed with amazing antioxidant and moisturizing properties, is one such product that promotes healthy hair growth.

Here are top 5 benefits of using honey for hair growth.

Fact: Honey is an effective remedy for fighting dandruff

A powerful antioxidant, honey has amazing antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which is why it works as an effective remedy for dealing with dandruff. Studies have shown that participants who used honey witnessed improvement in hair loss, and also a reduction in dandruff.

Moisture: Honey helps moisturize and condition your hair

Honey, with its humectant qualities, can effectively help moisturize your hair.

Additionally, it is an emollient, thereby helping soften and condition your hair, making them softer to touch and easier to manage.

Dry hair is prone to breakage, and may hamper healthy growth of long hair.

Thus, if you suffer from dry hair, opt for honey, for healthier hair growth.

Scalp, Smoothness: Honey will strengthen you scalp; give you smoother, shinier hair

Scalp: Honey being an antioxidant, can help avoid damage from free radicals, thereby promoting scalp health. This will help enhance your hair appearance and texture, and promote longer hair growth.

Hair smoothness and shine: People applying honey to their hair, also experience better hair smoothness and shinier hair. Thus, for beautiful-looking hair, start applying honey to your hair.

Fact: Honey will help lighten your hair

Given honey's amazing antibacterial, anti-fungal qualities, it is a great natural ingredient for hair growth. That apart, its moisturizing power protects your hair from drying out, thereby helping lighten up your hair.