#HealthBytes: How to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy

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#HealthBytes: How to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy
#HealthBytes: How to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy

04 Jul 2021: #HealthBytes: How to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy

The three trimesters of pregnancy are different and it is no easy task to stay fit throughout the 40 weeks. It is also important to understand that pregnancy is a constant battle involving fatigue and cravings, and occasionally giving in to them need not be a source of guilt for the mother. However, following a few tips will help in easing this journey.

Sleep: Practice mind-relaxing techniques to soothe stress and sleep well

From worrying about the baby's health to not knowing what to expect when the child is born, pregnancies are usually an emotional roller coaster ride for most expecting mothers. Meditation and yoga help soothe stress and are also beneficial for the mother's physical health. A relaxing bedtime routine can also be helpful in relieving unwanted thoughts and easing into a good night's sleep.

Cravings: Analyze food cravings to eat healthy

Pregnancy cravings are a real thing! However, it is ideal to channelize the cravings toward healthy substitutes. If you're tempted to eat a juicy burger, this could be because your body needs more protein, fat, and iron that are found in meat. Satiate your craving by opting for a lean meat sandwich instead. Likewise, if you crave desserts, try going for healthy smoothies.

Hydrate: Always keep your favorite water bottle with you

Hydration plays a key role in the development of your baby and it also helps in the formation of the placenta and the amniotic sac. Experts recommend drinking more than 2.5-3 liters of fluids every day to avoid dehydration during pregnancy. If you find it hard to gulp down plain water, add cucumbers, strawberries, or lemons to the water for an enhanced flavor.

Rest: Listen to your body and rest when required

Everyone's body is different and so is every pregnancy. If you feel tired, listen to your body and take ample rest when required. This could mean taking a quick nap or lying on the couch with a book or watching your favorite series. It is also important for expecting mothers to acknowledge that taking rest is important for both the mother's and child's well-being.

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