#HealthBytes: Sex during periods: All you need to know

Sagar Malik

#HealthBytes: Sex during periods: All you need to know

11 Sep 2018: #HealthBytes: Sex during periods: All you need to know

Periods bring with them umpteen confusions, and one such confusion among women going through their menstrual cycle is whether they should or should not have sex.

Busting the myth: it's okay to engage in sexual activity during periods, but there are certain risk factors and important considerations.

Here's all you need to know about having sex when it's that time of the month.

Benefits (1): Having sex during periods can relieve menstrual cramps; shorten periods

Menstrual cramps: Having sex can help you get relief from menstrual cramps during periods. That's because orgasm releases the muscles of your uterus, thus relieving cramp pain. Also, the release of feel-good hormones (during sex) like endorphins can boost up your mood.

Shorter periods: Muscle contractions during orgasm can help eliminate the uterine content faster, thereby resulting in shortened duration of periods.

Benefits (2): Other benefits: Enhanced libido, natural lubrication, relief from headaches

Enhanced libido: Many women say that they feel more sexually charged up during their periods. However, it is not the same for every woman.

Natural lubrication: The blood released during menstruation acts as a natural lubricant, ultimately making sex more enjoyable.

Headache relief: As a pleasant surprise, many women who have sex during periods say it gives them relief from headaches, migraine pain.

Fact: If you have sex during periods- yes, pregnancy can happen

Although the chances of getting pregnant during periods are relatively low, it's important to note that it still can happen. Thus, if you're trying to avoid pregnancy, you better use a contraceptive.

Fact: Do you need to use protection?

Since there's a good chance you can still get pregnant from having sex during periods, using protection is vital. Condom is a great option, as it'll not only help in birth control, but also prevent risk of catching dreadful STIs like HIV.

Tips: Tips for having sex during your periods

1) Talk to your partner, to avoid any discomfort.

2) Make sure to use condom, to stay safe from pregnancy and STIs.

3) If you have a tampon inserted, remember to remove it before getting into the act.

4) Since sex during periods can get a little messy, you may keep a towel or wet wipes handy, or take a shower after getting done.