#HealthBytes: Reasons why you shouldn't throw away curry leaves

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#HealthBytes: Reasons why you shouldn
#HealthBytes: Reasons why you shouldn

30 May 2021: #HealthBytes: Reasons why you shouldn't throw away curry leaves

Curry leaves have been a major part of Indian traditional medicines for centuries. The leaves have a distinct bitter taste and are an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. They contain many beneficial compounds like linalool, alpha-terpinene, myrcene, mahanimbine, etc., which are rich sources of antioxidants. Read on to know why these leaves are good for you and why you shouldn't throw them away.

Wounds: Carbazole alkaloid in it speeds up the healing of wounds

The carbazole alkaloid in curry leaves speeds up the healing of wounds by sealing the gap in the affected area. Curry leaves paste also helps in quickly repairing first-degree burn injuries and also minor inflammation on the skin. To make a paste, grind the leaves and mix with water to form a fine paste. Apply it to the wound and leave it overnight.

Vision: Contains high amount of vitamin A, good for eyes

Studies prove that diets high in vitamin A reduce the risk of cataracts in the eyes. Vitamin A is also important for maintaining a clear cornea. The carotenoids present in vitamin A are important for good vision and curry leaves contain a high amount of that. Chewing these daily will help in improved vision. It also aids in preventing night blindness and eyesight weakening.

Nervous system: Aids in healthy functioning of the nervous system

Research proves that curry leaves contain substances that may provide a shield against neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's disease. Curry leaf extract was shown to reduce the amount of oxidative damage in brain cells, and the enzymes linked with Alzheimer's disease progression. A laboratory study showed that consuming curry leaf extract for 15 days leads to improved memory in mice with induced dementia.

Digestion: Age-old remedy for getting rid of indigestion problems

When it comes to treating indigestion problems, curry leaves are an age-old remedy. Add these in dried form to buttermilk and drink it on an empty stomach to get immediate relief from diarrhea, constipation, and similar indigestion issues. You can also chew on raw curry leaves on an empty stomach. This will aid in bowel movements and stimulate the digestive enzymes.

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