#HealthBytes: Follow this night-time skincare routine for healthy, clear skin

Meera Venugopal
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#HealthBytes: Follow this night-time skincare routine for healthy, clear skin
#HealthBytes: Follow this night-time skincare routine for healthy, clear skin

17 Jan 2021: #HealthBytes: Follow this night-time skincare routine for healthy, clear skin

Skincare regimes aren't always scheduled for the daytime.

A dedicated night-time regime is necessary and goes a long way in keeping your skin youthful and healthy.

The skin rejuvenates and regenerates itself at night, and adding on products fastens this.

While an elaborate night-time skincare ritual could be tedious, here are five easy steps, which can be done in less than five minutes.

Cleansing: There are two ways to remove makeup and double cleanse

There are two ways to this. You can begin by wiping off your day's makeup by using a makeup remover and then apply oil to completely take it off.

Another method is to generously use oil and let it work as both a makeup remover and cleanser.

Thoroughly wash your face and neck with a gentle cleanser to completely eliminate any dirt or sebum.

Toning: Apply a toner suited for your skin type

A toner helps in maintaining the pH levels of the skin.

It could be tricky to find the right toner that suits your skin type, so trial and error is the key here.

Ideally, dab some toner onto a cotton pad. Apply onto the face, neck, and let it dry.

Don't be surprised if you see some leftover residues on your cotton pad.

Serum: Use a serum that addresses your skin concerns specifically

The next step is to apply the serum.

They contain concentrated amounts of ingredients to address various skin problems.

Opt for hyaluronic acid-based serums to plump up your skin and give it a hydrated, healthy glow.

Vitamin C serums are perfect when it comes to anti-aging treatment.

If acne is your concern, then it's ideal to choose a serum, which specifically targets that.

Eyecream: The sensitive skin around your eyes need extra care

With all this hydration and moisturizing, it is easy to think that skipping your under-eye cream wouldn't make a difference. But you are wrong!

The area around your eyes is the most sensitive and it is important to invest in an eye cream, to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Needless to say, regular usage of eye creams helps reduce dark circles as well.

Moisturize: Moisturize thoroughly and top off with a lip balm

Applying a light night cream or moisturizer helps seal in all the products.

A light, hyaluronic acid-based night cream does the job well without leaving the skin oily or greasy.

You can also opt for retinol-based night creams, which have anti-aging benefits.

In the final step, gently apply a lip balm and doze off into your beauty sleep while your skin thanks you.

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