#HealthBytes: All that you should know about Animal Flow workout

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#HealthBytes: All that you should know about Animal Flow workout
#HealthBytes: All that you should know about Animal Flow workout

04 Jul 2021: #HealthBytes: All that you should know about Animal Flow workout

Animal Flow has taken the fitness world by storm, and is gaining popularity for seemingly being better than the favorite High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The workout uses a series of fluid movements, and is designed to improve the function and communication of the "Human Animal." Animal Flow moves the body in a unique way, and works out all the muscles of the body.

Benefits: Who can benefit from this type of a workout?

Animal Flow benefits those who strength train and also others who are looking for more mobility and flexibility. It works out every muscle of the body and is great for improving strength, endurance, balance, mobility, and coordination. It's also excellent for yogis, as it helps balance the body and be more aware of breathing. It also helps in becoming more fluid while performing asanas.

Home workout: Animal Flow can be done at home without equipment

Animal Flow is a relatively new form of workout and your local gym may not yet offer the relevant classes. But this form of workout can be done at home without the help of an instructor or any type of equipment. Animal Flow workout manuals can be purchased online or you can even learn from several free tutorials on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

Basics: The basics of Animal Flow that you should know

When browsing through online tutorials/classes, without any professional guidance, it can get confusing as there's a whole lot of information available. But, as beginners, the basic movements that you should first learn and practice are beast, crab, and ape. Be sure to fully get these movements right before progressing to your next moves. Take your time to synchronize the body movements with your breath.

Tips: Few tips to keep in mind while doing Animal Flow

Animal Flow is akin to full-body exercises and has tough moves, which work out muscles that we do not even move regularly. The fluid movements can look easy to ape, but if not carefully done, can lead to serious injuries of the back or even muscle pull. Transitioning between the different movements requires balance and agility and needs to be done with care.

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