#HealthBytes: High blood sugar levels? Bitter gourd juice will help

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#HealthBytes: High blood sugar levels? Bitter gourd juice will help
#HealthBytes: High blood sugar levels? Bitter gourd juice will help

06 Jun 2021: #HealthBytes: High blood sugar levels? Bitter gourd juice will help

Health experts widely recommend consuming the humble karela or bitter gourd regularly for its many impressive health benefits. But of its many benefits, the most popular one is its effect on the sugar levels in the body. Bitter gourd has a strong, distinct flavor, and having a glass of its raw juice every day is an age-old method that helps lower high blood sugar.

Diabetes: What is diabetes? How does it affect the body?

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that causes increased sugar levels in the blood. Diabetes is either caused when the body does not make enough insulin or when it is unable to effectively use the insulin it makes. Untreated high blood sugar levels can cause damage to your nerves, kidneys, heart, and can also lead to hearing impairment, loss of vision, skin conditions, etc.

Effects: The effects of bitter gourd juice on blood sugar

Bitter gourd consists of compounds with several anti-diabetic properties that can significantly reduce high sugar levels by activating insulin in the body. By doing this, the body uses the blood sugar adequately and does not convert it into fat as well. Charantin is one such active substance that has glucose-lowering properties. It also has Polypeptide-p, which is an insulin-like compound that naturally controls diabetes.

Juice: Here's how you can make the bitter gourd juice

To prepare the fresh juice, you will need a bitter gourd, 2 tsp lemon juice, salt to taste, 1 tsp ginger, and black pepper. Slice the bitter gourd, de-seed it, and cut it into tiny pieces. Soak the pieces in cold water. Next, add the bitter gourd pieces, salt, lemon juice, ginger, and pepper to the blender. Sieve the juice and drink it.

Benefits: Bitter gourd comes with a few more benefits

Studies prove that bitter gourd is effective in treating digestive disorders, including constipation and ulcers. Bitter gourd also has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, which help flush out toxins from the body. The vegetable is also known to decrease LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. So, why wait? Make this nourishing drink at home and take a step towards a healthier you!

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